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 Year 1997…

Keçoğlu brand that has began  to bussiness life  with sales of industrial sewing machines and spare parts  under the name of  Keçoğlu Machine Gallery-Salih KEÇOĞLU which has grown to a company that offers too many solutions in this sector today.

The company has increased its level of success rapidly by regulating their bussiness under the name of Keçoğlu Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. which was founded by Ekrem, Süleyman, Cemil, Ali Keçoğlu brothers  in 1990 at Merter.

Our company provides the technology, spare parts and after  sales service with success    for the ready wear garment sector today,has 65 employers, has Siteler/Ankara, Osmanbey/İstanbul, FreeZone/Tuzla branches, İzmir, Bursa, Konya, Gaziantep, Adana and İstanbul seller agencies and is a real solution focused company that takes up the customer satisfaction principle seriously.The agencies of  Keçoğlu that provides the advanced technologies to the benefit of the ready wear garment sector from many countries of the world is as follows:


- SIRUBA    
- KM 

Industrial Sewing Machines/TAIWAN                                   
Industrial Sewing Machines/TURKEY
Cloth Cutting Systems and Cutters/JAPAN
Multi Needle Machines/JAPAN
Automatic Sewing Units for Outwear/GERMANY
Sewing Needles/GERMANY
Hot Fix Setting Machines/KOREA
Blind Stitch Machines/CHINA SBEC
Electronic Needle Dedectors/CHINA ESCA
Rich Selection Of Spare Parts


Keçoğlu that continues to its bussiness with true,honest and reliable service understanding,has taken the principle of completing the integration of the sector by transferring the technologic advancements all around the world to the ready wear garment sector and ensure the success of our manufacturers in the world league.By following the latest exhibited products all around the world,our company goes through its bussiness in a very wide range from import to retail and has gained the true confidence of  its customers.

Keçoğlu provides service to the entire Turkey and even abroad with its 20 technicians,provides their services fast and efficient with advanced technology by giving service at the customers company or by bringing the machines to the center of the company.Besides,by offering a high service understanding  with wide range of spare parts,Keçoğlu represents its agencies successfully and even has the portfolio of wide  spare parts that also other machine groups can benefit.Besides the daily used cutting-department parts group, also other requested parts are also available.

Our company has an exclusive After Sales Service understanding and provides proffessional service to its customers without exception,regardless of which region they are. “Keçoğlu Assurance” is one of  the major reasons for the preference of the products that we sell.Besides,too many technicians those our company have raised,are still continiuing to provide service to the sector.

Keçoğlu Makine,that successfully provides the required machine,spare parts and after sales service  for many years to the  most successfull sector of our countries Export,textile and ready wear garment;offers the gained knowledge and experience to its customers with its Professional staff.

Trust,technology and experience extends to you all together with Keçoğlu.

Since 1977…

With our best regards.




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